• Bluesonic1

    Storm8 Censorship

    October 2, 2015 by Bluesonic1

    I wanted to highlight an important issue that's currently occurring in conjunction with the project running (namely the petition) to help save Storm8's older titles from being retired.

    Has anyone noticed how quiet the official forums are with regards to this sudden change, the retirement of old titles, especially when compared to the comments left on Storm8's Facebook page on various postings Storm8's made about their newer titles? There's a reason for this. The forums themselves are being censored on a grand scale to prevent any conversation between members that could spark hope or ideas for saving these older titles. I posted out the link to the petition on the forums to let people know there was a place they could speak out on, and these…

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  • Tyler Cole

    Hey Storm 8 users, I'm here as a long time user of many of the LIVE titles, including pets, mobsters, world war, vampires, and most importantly kingdoms. I'm currently at level 216, and I've spent plenty of money on the game. Many of you can relate to how frustating it is losing so many hours of your time and all the effort and relationships we've all built up over the years.

    Storm 8 is a very busy company, we mustn't blame them for ditching the games. It's just business, games that don't drive revenue aren't worth keeping - to them. But for me they are, that's why I proposed to fully maintain the storm 8 suite of games. I'm a slight mobile developer and I know an immense amount about coding, webmastering, and more importantly the storm 8 c…

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