Kingdoms Live


Action-Adventure RPG


Darkness has descended upon the city. Evil forces have invaded every sector of society. As a ninja in the shadows, you may be the world’s greatest hope or its gravest threat. Assemble your clan, for the time of the ninja has returned.

Start as a student of the ninja arts and fight your way up to become the most legendary ninja in the Ninjas Live world!

~ Storm8


In the game, there is bought weapons and looted weapons like in most Storm8 games. The bought weapons derive from traditional Japanese ninja weaponry and are bought from the Dojo. Here is a list of weapons:


Level 1
Ninja dagger attack 1 defense 1
Ninja stars attack 2 defense 0 (disposable)

Level 2
Sais attack 2 defense 1

Level 3
Bow and arrows attack 3 defense 1

Level 4
Nun-chucks attack 2 defense 2

Level 5
Katana attack 3 defense 2
Giant stars attack 6 defense 0 (disposable)

Level 6
Poison dagger attack 5 defense 3

Level 7
Twin-sided spear attack 5 defense 5
Poison darts attack 11 defense 2 (disposable)

Level 8
Master blade attack 9 defense 6

Level 9
Piercing bow of darkness attack 13 defense 4

Level 10
Master nun-chucks attack 8 defense 10

Level 11
Assassins dagger attack 16 defense 6

Level 12

Getting a Bigger TeamEdit

To get a bigger team, all you need to do is add other people's codes. You may ask players for their codes or give them your codes. A common way to get teammates is broadcast your code to your team and request them to broadcast it.

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