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Storm8 Wiki is a collection of information about the Storm8 iPhone games that anyone can, and should edit!

  • iMobsters
  • Kingdoms Live
  • Ninjas Live
  • Pets Live
  • Racing Live
  • Rock Battle Live
  • Vampires Live
  • World War
  • Zombies Live

Current News

Storm8 has announced on their forums that all their classic games are going to be retired and shut down. You can view the official announcement here. According to the community manager, they are doing so in order to focus more time and energy into their newer titles. Fans have gathered together to protest the shut down of the games, and a petition of support can be found here. Likewise, Tyler Cole has proposed and offered an alternative suggestion of taking over the games' maintenance at their own cost in order to keep the games going for the userbase. The user's proposition can be found here.

I'm New to the Wiki!

You're new? Great! We wish we could have a new person join everyday, especially if you plan to stay and help us improve this site. If you didn't notice from our motto, this is the Storm8 wikia anyone can edit (yes, that includes you!). Here are a few simple steps to help you get started and get the most out of this wikia:

  1. Create an account! Creating an account allows you to get recognition for your work. It also allows you to sign your username on talkpages and such.
  2. Play the games! While you are playing the games, EDIT! If you find anything that we don't have, add it to the pages.
  3. Start out slow, learning the basics of this formatting. When you edit pages, there is a link above the editing text box that you can click to either hide or show editing tips. These will help ease you into the exciting world of Storm8 and get the ball rolling toward greatness!

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